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Try Letter-join for a free 30-day period
The free trial includes all the functions of the School Edition of Letter-join
to use at school on IWBs, PCs and tablets.
The free trial does not include the Letter-join fonts or the Word document
of the Handwriting Policy.
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The 30-day free trial includes:
On-line animations Whiteboard facility Practice worksheets
You will be able to watch animations showing:
- how to draw pre-cursive patterns.
- the correct formation of cursive, lower-case letters.
- words that demonstrate all the joining techniques between letters.
The whiteboard facility is ideal for whole class teaching and allows individual pupils to practice all patterns, letters and words on an interactive whiteboard.
Please note that this facility is not available on the Home Edition of Letter-join.
The sample print-out sheets for Patterns have patterns for tracing over, and an outline drawing for filling in using the patterns. The sample letters and words printouts are available in three sizes. Worksheets are supplied in PDF format.
School edition
* Based on 7 classrooms.
£100 one-off registration fee also payable.
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